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New Application

New Application Instructions

 Image result for licensing   Thank you for your interest in obtaining your North Dakota license. 

Create Login (optional)

All applicants or current licensees are able to create an online account. It is important that you update your online account if your name, contact information, employer information, etc. changes so we have the most current and accurate information to verify your license information and to contact you. The information is encrypted. 

Please select the following link to begin your registration (
this is for payment use only and not the licensure application). Create your online profile today! 

After you have completed your login, you will receive a confirmation that your login has been approved. Please store your login and password in a secure location for reference in the future. 


Start Application

 Application for Licensure
Please carefully complete the below application process. Missing items will delay our review and approval process. 

     1.  Print and complete all applicable questions on the application. If an item is not applicable,
        please indicate so in the space provided. Your Application must be MAILED

     2.  Contact your educational institution and request OFFICIAL graduate and undergraduate transcripts to be mailed (or emailed) directly to the board office.

     3.  Request your Praxis scores to be sent directly to the Board Office.

     4.  Provide a copy of any out-of-state audiology, SLP or SLPLA license that you may have with
          your application.

     5.  The application can be either emailed to or mailed to:  
              PO BOX 1338
              Bismarck, ND 58502

      6.  The $100 application fee must be paid by check or by using the website
           If using the website.

           If submitting payment using the website, you will need to create an "Online Account"
           described in the section above.
            Please NOTE:  There is a convenience fee of $3.10 assessed to online payments.



Approval Process

The Board and support staff understand the importance of processing your application in a timely manner. We will begin the process as soon as we receive your completed application, supporting documents and payment. If your application is incomplete, we will return it to you and request that you complete any outstanding sections. If we are missing any of your supporting documents and/or payment, we will notify you of missing items and hold your application until it is complete.

A complete application is submitted to the Board for review to approve or deny your request for licensing. Please note that our Board members are volunteers that hold professional positions and have commitments in addition to the support they provide to NDSBE. They will do their best to review and process your request as quickly as possible.  

After the Board member has reviewed your application and made a determation of approval or denial, support staff will contact you regarding their decision. 

We wish you the best in your decision to pursue licensure and know that you will make a positive impact to your field.

NDSBE Board  
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