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Continuing Education


  • Proof of attendance for at least ten (10) clock hours of approved continuing education for the year. 
  • Proof of attendance may be a cancelled check, registration receipt, or certificate
(EXCEPTION: If you received your master’s degree or higher in the current year, you do not need to include proof of continuing education with your license renewal application.)


Continuing Education is:

Courses or workshops which are:
  1. designed to increase the competence of the licensee in the area of licensure;
  2. open to the public; and
  3.  preapproved by the Board.
The Board continues to encourage prior approval for all courses. If the course you wish to attend is not already on the list, please request preapproval as soon as possible using the CE request form provided. 

**Education approved by ASHA does not need to be preapproved by the Board. Proof of attendance/completion must show ASHA approval, number of hours completed, and date of completion (1.0 ASHA CEU is equal to 10 clock hours of education).

Continuing Education Not Previously Approved by the Board

Complete the below CE form and attach a brochure and/or outline of the workshop as well as proof of attendance. Your renewal card will not be issued until the Board has approved your CE request.
Continuing Education Request Form
Approved Continuing Education List